Fostering Language Inclusion & Audience Engagement
From Coast to Coast and Internationally

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate seamless and linguistically inclusive connections between businesses, organizations and Canadians.

We translate and localize different types of content, ensuring that your message adheres to the nuances and requirements of your audience.

With our network, The Language Agility Hub, we help businesses and organizations expand from coast to coast and internationally.



Translation involves converting written or spoken content from one language into another, maintaining the original meaning and context.

This process ensures that the message remains clear and effective for the target audience.



Localization involves adapting a content to suit the cultural, linguistic, and regional nuances of the target audience.

It encompasses not only linguistic translation but also the customization of graphics, formats, and overall design to resonate with the local audience’s preferences and cultural sensitivities.

Subtitling & E-Learning

Are you looking to enhance the global accessibility and reach of your content? 

Whether it’s a film, documentary, online course, marketing video, or any multimedia project, our team of seasoned linguists and subtitling professionals guarantee clarity and engagement.


A unit of The Language Agility Hub, we are a small Canadian LSP specializing in tech, legal, administrative, healthcare, software, website & marketing translation & localization for businesses and organizations in Canada.

With teams in Ontario and Quebec, we help global brands and organisations explore the linguistically diverse Canadian market.

We also operate in global markets such as Africa where we work with Localizzz Africa to help businesses understand the opportunities presented by this vibrant market and enable organizations local reach.


We translate product & content related documentation and communication.

We localize the products and contents themselves to make them feel linguistically and culturally local to the intended audience.






Understanding that each industry, application or organization has its unique language and terminology, we offer specialized translation and localization services tailored to diverse sectors such as IT, healthcare, legal, marketing, e-commerce, and more.















We Are Moving to a New Office!

We are Moving! As part of our ongoing commitment to better serve our growing clientele, we're relocating our office to a new, more dynamic space. Effective July 1st, you can find us at: 120 Wellington street, Unit 205. London (ON), Canada. While remote work remains a...


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